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Every Child is Ours is excited to have been chosen by Belknap Subaru


Scott Ives, General Manager of Belknap Subaru, said “Everyone is excited to raise money to support this amazing effort! “Our Community Cares / Every Child is Ours”, has been selected, as its local charity, for Subaru of America’s “Share the Love program.” The program donates millions of dollars to both local, and national charities, to help give back to causes important to their customers.

During the program, Subaru of America and Belknap Subaru will donate for every new Subaru vehicle sold, or leased, during the program! Customers can choose from the following charities: ASPCA®, Make-A-Wish®, Meals on Wheels Association of America®, and the National Park Foundation. In addition to the four national organizations, Belknap Subaru selected Our Community Cares / Every Child is Ours, as its local partner.

Mark Mallahan, General Sales Manager of Belknap Subaru, said “We are excited to, Share the Love, with “Our Community Cares / Every Child is Ours”. This group works hard every day, to eliminate children’s hunger, in our schools. We are hopeful our customers will stop by, and learn about this outstanding local organization, and select Our Community Cares / Every Child is Ours, to receive these valuable funds.”

Our Community Cares / Every Child is Ours is on a mission is to provide critical and timely assistance and services to children living in households dealing with food insecurity. “Our Community Cares / Every Child is Ours, is an outstanding resource, right inside our local schools, they empower teachers to help, when they see a child in trouble! The money is used locally, the need is great, and we all have the power to help!

Said Mark Johnstone, President of Belknap Subaru, “We are saddened by the notion, that every night, children in our community may be going to bed hungry! We are committed to helping “Our Community Cares / Every Child is Ours”, address that problem! Our people are deeply impressed with the commitment, and dedication, of Lisa, and Chuck Drew, and the people who work daily to help them with their mission! We are excited to partner with them in 2018, to help raise money, and make a difference here in the Lake’s Region!”

Belknap Subaru is located at 35 Tilton Road in Tilton, New Hampshire. They sell and service Subaru vehicles, and others. They have been in business since 2001 and have been recognized by Subaru of America as a Subaru Love Promise, Community, and Customer Service Award winner. For more information about the dealership or Share the Love, call Scott Ives at 603-729-1300

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